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Meet Friendly
Virtual Venue

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Your virtual event
limited only by your imagination.

Meet Friendly is a modular platform that offers a user-friendly solution for any event! Empower your attendees to form meaningful connections, without any physical limits.
Our virtual venue provides you all the creative tools to make your events as engaging and interactive as ever!

Engage your audience and make them feel part of the event with interactive games, live-streams, engaging workshops, and fun ways to network.

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Unlimited Rooms

Your attendees can break-out and move freely into separate ‘topic rooms’. You can pre-define these rooms and add different activations or games! This is awesome for workshops, presentations or can be used as sponsor booths. One room can host up to 75 people.

Custom Games

Break the ice by letting your attendees play a huge range of different games, Challenge them to anything from Arcade games to Blackjack and more. Fully customizable with your branding, with endless options on graphics, logos, and colors!


Attendees can start 1:1 video-chats or group conversations in rooms with other event attendees. Find eachother by interests to enable even more meaningful connections. Experience the seamless switch between rooms and conversations and feel the magic of Meet Friendly!

Live Main Stage

A virtual main stage where attendees can watch keynote speeches, presentations, or even a live DJ that you can embed via a live stream (e.g. RTMP server, Youtube, Twitch, and more) or host with our built-in video-conference solution.


Send or schedule broadcast messages to all attendees of your event, with the latest schedule info, polls or announcements. Or to just let them know the Magician has arrived!

Sky's The Limit

Meet Friendly is modular and can be extended to your own imagination. Allowing you to integrate pretty much everything! What about poker, trivia, a magician, a fashion show or digital escape room?

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Meet Friendly is a virtual event platform created by Socialure in collaboration with AE-ES.

Together we decided it was time for a platform, that was created for event-professionals, by event-professionals.

Meet Friendly allows us to combine live entertainment, motion graphics, brand activations and much more, just like you would expect at a real event.

A true virtual venue.